Are you seeking psychotherapy, individual treatment, couples therapy, relationship and/or marriage counseling in New York City?

Yes, this is my real last name and it speaks to what I am all about, "helping people to cope." My hope is that the humor and authenticity of its meaning will capture your attention.

For over 35 years I have successfully been practicing in the mental health field in New York City. Included in these years, 25 of them have been spent doing psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and in running group therapy.

My city smarts coupled with my country sensitivity have prepared me well in doing psychotherapy treatment and have helped me adapt well to forming strong therapeutic relationships. It has been a pleasure teaching the benefits of therapy to a varied mix of New York City referrals with emotional problems.

My Treatment Style

My therapeutic treatment style is reality oriented and verbally interactive. This kind of engagement incorporates compassion, honesty, trust, integrity, and the use of a good sense of humor. I am an eclectic therapist who has no one therapeutic specialty, but rather, acquired wisdom from the therapy experience, information, and the tools to get the change done.

Short-term individual psychotherapy and couples therapy is always made available. In my experience, long-term treatment has proven to be more life-sustaining. Relationship therapists will only be as good as others will allow. My therapy aim is to help you generate motivation and develop the courage to change while at the same time becoming true to yourself. Your anxieties and depression will lessen also.

Psychotherapy is different from self-help treatment, supportive counseling, and behavior therapy. It attracts those individuals who want a deeper understanding of themselves and where their problems come from. It goes beyond emotional soothing and behavioral solutions to create a more lasting change. Developmental psychology is at its root core and understanding oneself better is what leads to greater emotional resolve along with improved mental health.

No one can give you good mental health and you're not just born with it. You need to earn it through your life experiences over time and manage the responsibilities that life unfolds before you. Money and intelligence are not good indicators to determine happiness or satisfaction in your life. How many wealthy and smart people do you know that are also happy and satisfied with life?


My areas of specialization include anxiety disorders, depression, stress, substance abuse aftercare treatment, anger management, panic attacks, and marriaghe counseling and relationship therapy. Most of psychotherapy involves relationship repair. I enjoy working with relationships in dating, living together couples, marriage and divorce, step-families, new baby in family, gender sensitive couples, mixed ethnic relationships, and men's emotional help with relationships and other therapy issues.

For example, I assist men who have a difficult time trusting therapy or men who find it difficult working with a female therapist. Men often need to work with a man on becoming a better man.

Please read further in this site to learn more about the services I provide in my practice.

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I hope you will take this invitation to contact me, arrange an appointment, and give yourself the opportunity to face your problems.

Therapy really can be a force for change

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